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2024 Show/Clinic Schedule:

January 10: Judge's Round Table (CE)
January 21: Virtual Rider Fitness Clinic with 5* Rider Physio
January 31: Host Sarah Geikie Clinic
February 11: Speaker for Pony Club at Dover Saddlery- Rules and Equipment for Dressage and Eventing
February 23-25: Judging White Fences
March 7-8: USEF Judge's Clinic West Palm Beach
April 6-7: Feldenkreis Clinic with Dave Thind
April 13-14: Host 5* Rider Physio Clinic
April 17: Host Sarah Geikie Clinic
April 27-28: Judging Mystic Valley  

May 8: Triple Crown Education Evening

May 19: Stockade Schooling Show
May 25-26: Stockade Dressage Competition
June 9: Judging Trilogy ENYDCTA
June 14-16: GMHA June Dressage Competition
June 19-20: Jec Ballou Clinic
June 26-27: Mount Holyoke Dressage Competition
June 29-30: Kirby Hill Dressage Competition
July 6: Judging Huntington
July 10-11: ERAHC @ Mt Holyoke Competition
July 14: Judging Zemi CNYDCTA
July 17-18: Stockade Summer Heat Competition
July 21: Stockade Schooling Show
July 26-28: GMHA Dressage Competition
August 3-4: Stockade Dressage Competition
August 6: Judging Red Tail
August 9: Judging D4K
August 10: Instructor Certification Workshop
August 11: Judging Mystic
August 15: Judging Skaneatles
August 16-18: Centerline at HITS Competition
August 24-25: Judging MVHC
September 8: Judging CDA
September 15: Stockade Schooling Show
September 19-22: USDF Region 8 Championships at HITS
October 5-6: GMHA Fall Competition
October 10-13: Judging Region 4 Championships
October 19: Judging Starter Horse Trial
November 7-10: USDF Dressage Finals


Krystal teaches clinics regularly throughout New York and New England.


Please inquire for details or to reserve a space in her next clinic.

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